Preface to Fake Writing Plan

China makes writing, a way for recording, become calligraphy, an art form. From this point, we could see that China attaches extremely great importance to calligraphy, which is hardly seen within the world history. This time, instead of discussing the problem that how beautiful the calligraphy could be, I want to talk about the essence and significance of writing.

From the very beginning, writing is used to express or record some kinds of contents. That is to say, writing is significant because of its contents. After knowing this, we could start to discuss some behavior patterns. Writing directs at words while words undoubtedly carry the content. When the content is meaningless to the writer and reader, a kind of absurd and meaningless behavior would appear, which is called fake writing.

The fake writing could be regarded as noun and verb. When it is regarded as verb, it means that the behavior of writing itself is deceptive; when it is used as verb, it means the words written down are deceptive and unreadable. Specifically speaking, there are two situations:


1. The word itself has the content but the writer doesn’t understand. Such writing is meaningless to the writer.

2. The word itself is meaningful, but when it is written down by the writer, the reader couldn’t get any information from it.              



There are many behaviors may derive from these two situation. However, if the carrier is the Chinese character, the behavior may become very interesting. This is because Chinese characters have special stroke patterns. People who could write Chinese characters more or less unconsciously have a conception of the characters’ structures, and the writing of characters just relies on such structures. If these structures disappear, what kind of form would the characters become? Visually, these characters may make people feel disorderly and childish.

Because of the existing of writing habit, the characters and sentences become hard to recognize when the characters originally written down according to the normal writing habit are inverted. Then another kind of fake writing is formed.